2018 was a great year for PIXID: with the acquisition of the Dutch company Carerix, we accelerated our international development (in one year the turnover outside France increased from 10 to 30% of our activity), while exploring and integrating Master Vendor and Sourcing approaches into our solutions.

The PIXID Group's European project is expanding and strengthening!


2018 - The ambition to see further

The Group's core businesses continue to grow dynamically and the indicators monitored confirm this trend: 

- A new record of 230,000 assignments / day managed on our platform, representing 30% of the French temporary employment market

- More than 90,000,000 documents (contracts, invoices, payslips, etc.) digitised, including nearly 25,000,000 in 2018 alone

- Turnover up by more than 50% to reach €25 million

Our position as a major player is also reflected in our recognition by the Tech market in France - with an entry in the FrenchWeb 500 ranking; and a presence in the Top 250 of French software editors - and in Europe with our presence in the well-known SIA Staffing 100, identifying the main influencers on the staffing market.

After the United Kingdom and the integration in 2017 of IC, 2018 has marked our arrival in the Benelux with the acquisition of Carerix, a Dutch provider of recruitment solutions for temporary employment companies, a key milestone this year.

In 2018, the PIXID Group has carried out a real cultural transformation to bring together today a team of nearly 200 people between Paris, London and Rotterdam around a common project!


2019 - Expanding our European project

We now have the teams as well as the skills and solutions needed to keep growing our business and expanding the Group's expertise.

While strengthening our position in our historical markets, 2019 will lead us to focus on three specific topics:

"Master Vendor": integrated in 2018 in our solutions, it builds further capibility into providing setup between multiple vendors and clients. This is particularly important for the UK market.

- Bringing together VMS functionalities with those related to recruitment and candidates (ATS) to develop a unique, global and integrated digital offer

- Finally, the subject of sourcing, in which our challenge is to provide all the players in flexible work with an effective and responsive solution in a tense market where the supply/demand balance is sometimes very imperfect.


Operating in a fast-moving and highly creative technological environment, we will continue to make significant investments in R&D for the development of our SaaS solutions to ensure the security, compliance and integrity of our platforms and processed data. We always keep at the top of our agenda the satisfaction of our customers and the guarantee of a high-quality service.


A big thank you to the entire PIXID team in France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands for their professionalism and enthusiasm regarding the achievements and many changes made by the Group.

This commitment is the key force behind the dynamism vital to our company's project.

Finally, thank you to all those - customers, partners, users - who, year after year, have expressed their confidence in us. And, if you don't know us yet, don't hesitate to come and meet us!


Etienne COLELLA, President