PARIS, France and JACKSONVILLE, Fla. USA — June 18th, 2014 – Beeline, a global leader in software solutions for managing flexible workforces, and Pixid, the French leader for web-based management of temporary employment, announced today a strategic partnership to offer the first comprehensive technology solution tailored to the needs of French and multinational companies who source and manage non-employees in France.

This partnership supports Beeline’s vision of providing customers with a solution for managing all of their non-employees globally. Combining Pixid’s market leadership and expert knowledge of general staffing in the complex and highly regulated French market, with Beeline’s award-winning Vendor Management System (VMS), opens new doors for customers of both firms. Customers with flexible workforces in France will have access to a full spectrum of localised solutions for managing their non-employees, from general and professional staffing to consulting, freelancers, outsourced workers, and Statement of Work projects.

Beeline and Pixid share common values of quality user experience and customer service. This partnership provides customers an unmatched set of resources, skills and localised French knowledge throughout the entire life cycle of a programme, from implementation to steady state support. “Because of our complementary technology, shared organizational visions, and corporate cultures, customers can expect a comprehensive French localised solution as well as consistency in support and service,” said Etienne Colella, Chief Executive Officer of Pixid.

Partnering with Pixid to offer localised Beeline solutions to customers in France means customers spend more time focusing on their business objectives and less time worrying about French regulations. “Over the past decade, Pixid has become a recognised leader for general staffing management through web-based solutions in France. While Beeline is successfully deployed globally, we recognise the importance of partnering with Pixid to provide our global and French customers the benefits of our combined expertise,” said Manuel Roger, Senior Vice President of Beeline EMEA Markets and Operations. “Through this partnership, Beeline customers and their staffing suppliers will benefit from Pixid’s knowledge about compliance with French legal requirements, ensuring an accurate understanding of labour sourcing policies and market practices are applied through Beeline VMS. Beeline is committed to being the best global VMS provider for our customers.”

Beeline’s global VMS solution enables Pixid customers in France to expand their flexible workforce programmes abroad. “We are very proud to partner with Beeline by providing customers with additional knowledge and understanding of the complex French market. We look forward to promoting the Beeline solutions to our own customers in order for them to expand the scope of their flexible workforce programmes around the world,” said Etienne Colella, Chief Executive Officer of Pixid. “This partnership allows us not only to cover additional contingent staffing categories, such as consulting and Statement of Work, but also to expand geographically.”


About Beeline

Beeline is a market leader in software solutions for sourcing and managing the flexible workforce. Offering intelligent workforce solutions – including Vendor Management Software (VMS) – to help procurement, sourcing, and human resources professionals optimise costs, reduce risks and add value into their local and international contingent labour programmes. Award-winning business intelligence, superior technology, a global network of local knowledge, and service-driven people based close to its clients operations make Beeline the best VMS for today’s leading enterprises. To learn more, visit


About Pixid

PIXID is the leading VMS in France created in 2004 to offer a complete SAAS application compliant with the many aspects of French regulation for providing and using temporary staff. More than 50,000 users are daily connected through PIXID to lower their costs and work more efficiently with their suppliers on-line. Very innovative services, like the electronic signature of HR contracts are available to customers ranging from large accounts to SMB. PIXID is based in Paris and London. To learn more, visit



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