For the third year in a row, PIXID got into action for the « Challenge contre la Faim » on La Défense.

The concept of this day is simple and unifying : companies sponsor their employees who choose to practice one of the five sports available (running, walking, zumba gym, yoga, boxing). Thanks to the energy of the employee and his sponsored company, the NGO “Action contre la Faim” sets up humanitarian projects all around the world.

This year, PIXID was represented by a large part of its employees who :

- Run 165 km
- Walk 102 km
- Did 1 642 minutes of Yoga
- Did 630 minutes of Zumba gym
- Boxed during 180 minutes

This mobilization had allowed to collect 11 300 € of donation for Action contre la Faim. This year, all donations are reaching 754 915 € and will be allocated for several humanitarian projects in Madagascar and Djibouti.

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