Founded in 2004, PIXID proposes France’s leading solution enabling its clients to optimise the web-based management of their temporary labour requirements.

Pixid is the 5th placed publisher in the SIA (*) rankings for web-based temporary employment management solutions. Every day, 440 clients are connected to 7,000 temporary employment agencies representing more than 50,000 users in France who together exchange more than 2,000,000 documents per month and with a procurement volume worth an estimated €3,5 billion by late 2013.

Since it was founded, more than 10 million paperless documents have been processed on PIXID. PIXID supplies companies using temporary employment with web based management services for the entire process related to temporary employment, in 100% “paperless” mode (management of temps, electronic signature of service contracts, the reception of order confirmations, managing applicants and the interview cycle, activity reports, pre-invoicing, invoicing, tax-compliant e-invoicing and reporting, etc.). Since version 4.0 was launched in early 2012, the system also makes it possible to process the purchasing of HR services.

PIXID helps its clients achieve the following seven objectives:
- Reducing their expenditure on temporary employment,
- Improving productivity,
- Negotiating more effectively with suppliers through the tracking of Quality indicators (decision-making aids), establishing SLAs and managing market share;
- Guaranteeing access to the best possible skills as quickly as possible;
- Ensuring greater simplicity and reliability for all administrative tasks related to the management of temporary employment;
- Providing users with a simple, speedy and consolidated overview of their HR and financial data;
- Reprocessing accountancy data (pre-invoicing, invoices, forecasts, etc.) or HR information (applicant data, labour supply contracts, hours, etc.) and integrating them into their business applications and the major ERP solutions available on the market. To do so, PIXID can draw upon:
- An initial investment of €15 million for the development of a web application specialising in temporary employment, covering all functional aspects of the transaction, from the initial expression of requirements through to invoicing;
- A team of almost 60 people specialising in the design and deployment of our products;

The connection of almost 440 temporary employment chains representing more than 90% of the temping agencies in France;
- A state-of-the-art technical architecture guaranteeing high performance, security and confidentiality for the data processed, regularly audited by our key accounts;
A turnover of more than €10 million for 2015 enabling PIXID to finance its own investments up to a level of €1 million per year;
- An average of 100,000 assignments managed per day, i.e. 20 % of the French market

Deployment expertise unique of its kind in France:
For more than eight years now, we have been helping our clients to deploy our solutions, to train their staff and to optimise their use of temporary labour thanks to the rich functional features proposed by PIXID.
A team of 20 project leaders and customer service managers are on hand to assist our user-clients on a daily basis, helping them to get the most from our solutions.
Over the years, we have developed a special deployment methodology to guarantee the success of your project. This methodology is based on the notion of specialised Masters and Activity Units, making it possible to meet the needs of even highly complex deployments (involving hundreds of sites and thousands of users over several years for example).
With the Gold Support package, our clients can delegate the management of the application and user support to us.

If you’re not yet a client, it couldn’t be simpler : contact us

(*): Staffing Industry Analysts