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myPixid is an easy to use, cloud based vendor management (VMS) tool which enables you to be more Productive, Efficient, Compliant and Profitable.

myPixid is a unique cloud-based platform that is already helping over 8,000 agencies manage more than 190,000 temporary assignments every single day.


myPixid: achieving efficiency, building client loyalty building and delivering standards of performance

Rapidly changing client needs, growing levels of competition, ever increasing standards of data protection – the demands of running a temporary staffing business have never been more challenging.

This innovative VMS can transform the way you manage the entire temporary staffing cycle and build strong relationships with your clients and candidates.

For a start, myPixid has been built by agencies for agencies. By focusing on their specific needs, we’ve created a simple web-based workforce management platform that seamlessly supports administrative management – driving efficiency, improving profitability and allowing you to communicate with your clients and your candidates better than ever before:

myPixid is a service developed by PIXID, a recognised leader in cloud-based temporary workforce management solutions. Its commitment to innovation has already made it into the market leader in France and one of the Financial Times 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe.


Reach the '5’Cs' of temporary workforce management

myPixid helps you to reduce complexity, strip out inefficiency and eliminate duplication of effort so that you and your team can deliver a truly exceptional standard of service. In short, it offers what we define as the ‘5 Cs’ of recruiting performance:

     - COMPLETE PROCESS – it handles everything from initial request right through to invoicing, allowing you to deal with candidate database management, assignments, scheduling, timesheets, data security and more from one easy-to-use paperless environment.

     - COMMUNICATION – it keeps your clients and your candidates in the loop (and in contact with both you and each other) across the full project lifecycle, giving them secure access to key documentation and information on all devices, from anywhere, at any time.

     - COMPLIANCE – it offers advanced digital signature capabilities and provides all the security and data protection functionality you need to meet your GDPR and AWR compliance obligations.

     - CONTROL – no more lost paperwork or missing links in your audit trail. Every detail of every requisition, every assignment, every candidate and every piece of HR and financial data is right at your fingertips.

     - COST-EFFECTIVENESS – there are no infrastructure costs or complex training needs. Our cloud-based solution can be up and running in as little as two hours, generating immediate savings in time, money and peace of mind.


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