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PIXID : the French leader for the web-based management of temporary and flexible employment

Every day, 280 clients are connected to 6500 temporary employment agencies representing more than 50,000 users in France who together exchange more than 400,000 documents per month and with a procurement volume worth an estimated €2 billion by late 2013.

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Major account

    Are you a heavy or even very heavy user of temporary labour (in excess of €6 million per year) and are looking to introduce relatively advanced validation, commitment and pre-invoicing processes? If so, our “Major accounts” solution is perfect for you.


    Is your annual spend on temporary labour less than €6 million? Are you looking for the simplest package available? We necessarily have an offer for you.


    Are you a temporary labour supplier keen to use PIXID’s services in your business? If so, our “Supplier” solution is just up your street.

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