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PIXID: European leader for the web-based management of temporary and flexible employment

Every day, hundreds of clients are connected to more than 8 000 temporary employment agencies representing more than 125,000 users in France who together exchange 100,000 documents and with a procurement volume worth an estimated €3.5 billion.

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    There are multiple tools available to manage your temporary recruitment needs – from simple Excel spreadsheets through to complex and expensive VMS products.

    Complete, quick to implement and easy to use solution: myPixid is different!

Recruitment Agency

    The demands of running a temporary staffing business have never been more challenging.

    myPixid can transform the way you manage the entire temporary staffing cycle and build strong relationships with your clients and candidates.


    Imagine if you could take the administrative hassle out of your working day with one simple service. Well, now you can.

    Simplify your professional life with myPixid!

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