Simplify your professional life with myPixid!

Imagine if you could take the administrative hassle out of your working day with one simple service. Well, now you can.

myPixid is a digital solution that allows you to digitise all the documents relating to your temporary assignments and all the exchanges you have with your agency. 


myPixid: easy and mobile

     - Receive your assignments and sign them electronically. They will then be archived and accessible whenever you need them.
     - Consult your timesheets sent to the agency by the companies you work for.
     - Receive your payslips in an electronic format. These documents will also be archived by us during the legal retention period.
     - Store and access all your professionally-related documents (residence certificate, , diploma, CV, permit etc...) directly on the myPixid online platform.

These services are available at any time on a computer as well as on mobile phones and tablets thanks to the myPixid app. You really can manage your professional life directly on your smartphone – easily, digitally and securely.

Find the application on Google Play and on the Apple Store (coming soon) !
(myPixid account required)


Benefit from the '5’Cs' benefits of myPixid

     - Complete process - it supports everything from receiving assignments, arranging schedules to organising dates, managing timesheets and getting paid on time, every time.

     - Control – you can safely store all your personal, professional documentation in one secure paperless environment.

     - Convenience – you have immediate access to assignmentscontracts, payslips, timesheets and more, all accessible at any time, from anywhere, on your PC, Smartphone or tablet.

     - Communication – it allows you, the agency and the employer to communicate clearly and openly with each other. The result? Greater efficiency, better feedback and the confidence of knowing that all of your questions will be answered.

     - Creative innovation – myPixid was specially designed for the temporary staffing sector, and we are constantly adding new functionality to make it better than any other solution out there.


Ask your recruitment agency!

Would you like to benefit from PIXID services? Do not hesitate to ask your agency for more information!